Water Filter Pitcher

Most of us live in cities and, therefore, we have access to municipal running water that deals with microorganisms such as bacteria and viruses. But tap water can contain other impurities, such as various metals and harmful pesticides. In addition, chemicals such as chlorine used during treatment can leave an unpleasant taste in tap water. Pitchers and water filter dispensers can be used to improve the quality of tap water.

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Water Filter Pitcher removes many types of impurities from tap water and restores its pleasant taste and transparency. The filters used by these Water Filter Pitcher and filter dispensers are made of activated carbon and ion exchange resin. Activated carbon filters the chlorine used in the treatment of tap water, certain pesticides that may have remained in the water and other organic impurities.

Water filtration pitcher comes in various types and sizes. The smaller models have the advantage of fitting perfectly in the door of your refrigerator. On the other hand, water filtration dispensers have much higher capacities and, therefore, can only be placed on refrigerator shelves that have enough space to accommodate them. Most launchers and water filtration dispensers are equipped with integrated indicators that show when the filter should be changed.

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Water Filter Pitcher is also capable of removing copper, benzene and mercury and these pitchers also give best odor and taste of your drinking water.